Coronavirus Cleaning

HCI Launches Coronavirus Cleaning Service

As Mallorca and the Balearic Islands emerge from lockdown, many businesses eagerly await the return of tourists to the jewel of the Mediterranean.

None more so than the many hotels, restaurants and private holiday rental accommodation owners that rely almost exclusively on the international tourist trade. Not to mention the estate agents, lawyers, car rental companies and a great number of ancillary businesses that rely on a regular influx of overseas visitors and foreign residents for a large part of their livelihood.

But the world has now changed – probably for good – since the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 reared its ugly head, imparting not a little fear and trepidation into the travel and tourism industries. And, whilst the Ballearic Islands have remained relatively unscathed by the coronavirus pandemic, no doubt thanks in part to it occurring outside the main tourist period and the islands being geographically isolated from mainland Spain, as Palma airport re-opens and the ferries galvanise into action once again, the upcoming visitor influx will carry with it additional risks and concerns.

This is the background to HCI’s recent launch of their specialist coronavirus cleaning services aimed at helping the private holiday and long-term letting industry get back on its feet and stay on its feet, as international health experts tell us that coronavirus is likely to be here to stay and we all need to adapt.

With an extensive background in healthcare and caring particularly for the elderly and those with disabilities – essentially all high-risk groups – combined with years of experience in property management – HCI has developed a series of coronavirus cleaning and sanitising protocols to provide professional support to property owners and businesses reliant on the overseas tourist and resident trade, the lifeblood of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

Businesses and property owners are welcome to contact HCI for an informal consultation on how they can put into place appropriate cleaning and sanitising regimes – including decontamination where needed – to secure their premises, making them safe for returning staff and regularly changing visitors and holidaymakers, now and well into the future.