Hamill Care in Mallorca Daily Bulletin

HCI Founder Sandra Hamill Spotlighted in Majorca Daily Bulletin

HCI founder Sandra Hamill was recently featured in the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the most well-known, established and respected English language newspaper in Mallorca.

The article, by journalist Shirley Roberts, took a fascinating look at Sandra’s lengthy career in healthcare from its early beginnings with the NHS in Scotland, through to her award for Single Care Home Operator of the Year, then on to a successful period in Orlando, USA, to her ultimate arrival in the Balearic Islands and the founding of her present venture.

What permeates Sandra’s long and fascinating career is her immutable vision and dedication to caring and being of service to both individuals and the community alike. In this she is surely aided by her strong religious convictions which have sustained and supported her through the ups and downs of an astonishing career.

Yet Sandra has never lost her humility and passion for helping others. Hamill Care International will undoubtedly be around for a long time to come, serving the residents and holidaymakers of Mallorca and who knows where else in the future!

The full 2-page Majorca Daily Bulleting article can be read  here: