Nurse with handicapped senior Mallorca

Care to the fore as HCI undergoes major expansion

From its small provincial origins in the town of Pollensa in the north of the perennially sunny Spanish Mediterranian island of Mallorca, a world capital of tourism and home to thousands of expatriate Brits and a host of other nationalities, attracted there by the sunshine, golden beaches and sophisticated tranquillity of its historic landscapes and rural charm, Hamill Care International is setting out upon its ambitious plan to be world leader in tourist and expatriate care services, specialising in accessible holidays for the disabled and infirm.

According to Sandra Hamill, founder and CEO of Hamill Care International, and herself a professional nurse of many years experience, what makes her company HCI stand out from the crowd is that they are effectively a one-stop shop providing not only the travel and accommodation, but also all the necessary mobility equipment, island-wide tourism and sporting activities, and a full care service precisely tailored to the needs of each client.

Indeed it is the level of service and attention to detail in the care element of their custom created packages that have already gained recognition and acclaim for Sandra and her team of professional nurses and carers.

Clients have access to the HCI nursing service both on a planned basis and also as needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if the need should ever arise, 24 hours emergency hospital services are also available. Nursing services include case management review and assessment of care plans, medication and pain management, palliative care, post-operative care, plus all the other activities typically provided by nurses in the client’s home country. There is even the possibility of nurse-escorted travel to the UK should the need arise.

In addition to nursing, carer services are another key component of the HCI package. Both short and long-term carer services can include any number of different activities, such as assistance with washing and dressing, help with mobility or domestic care, including meal preparation and child minding. Even simply companionship.

Sandra Hamill declares that the mission of HCI is the promotion of dignity and quality of life for each and every client through the provision of highly skilled and trained care staff totally committed to ensuring that clients experience optimum health, meaningful independence, and an enduring and memorable experience of their holiday.