Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Coronavirus cleaning is today a top priority for all holiday rental properties and all businesses needing to restart following possible coronavirus contamination.

For hotels and holiday properties, their overall cleanliness, how cleaning and disinfection is carried out between bookings, and how the expectations of guests are managed and satisfied will become extremely important to secure reservations. Indeed business and property owners will have a moral, if not legal, duty to ensure proper cleaning is in place.

And it’s as much about giving peace of mind as it is about safety. Even more so when taking bookings for elderly tourists or those with reduced health.

Being at the forefront of providing professional nursing care in Mallorca, for residents and tourists alike, ideally positions HCI as a specialist cleaning provider where health and safety is paramount.

Coronavirus deep cleaning specialists

  • Decontamination expertise
  • Deep cleaning protocols
  • Cross-contamination avoidance
  • Emergency support & advice
Mallorca home coronavirus cleaning

Since many people infected with coronavirus are asymptomatic, whether or not a visitor or guest has actually had Covid-19, a worst case assumption is a realistic approach to countering possible virus spread, and HCI will employ various established and effective methods to ensure all potential virus-infected areas are fully sanitised and ready for use again, allowing you to operate your business safely and with confidence.

How will my property be cleaned to minimise the spread of COVID-19?

  • Following an agreed cleaning protocol
  • By fully-trained experienced cleaning staff wearing appropriate attire
  • Cleaning, then disinfecting with appropriate certified products
  • Focusing on high-touch surfaces
  • Use of disposable cloths and cleaning materials

Certificate of compliance

We will also issue a certificate of compliance stating that your premises has been cleaned by a certificated  team in compliance with infection control and WHO COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines

The following is a non-exhaustive list of objects to which we pay particular attention to minimise the risk of virus spread:

Coronavirus cleaning

All floors and surfaces

Door handles

Tables and chairs

Window sills and handles


Railings and bannisters


Light switches

Coronavirus cleaning taps


Remote controls

Hair dryers

Ironing boards and irons

TVs , DVDs and audio equipment


Cables and plugs

All bathroom and WC facilities

Coronavirus cleaning door handles

All kitchen amenities

Utensils and condiments

Refuse bins

Bed frames

Children’s toys

Vacuum cleaners

Cleaning equipment and supplies


Fully trained & certificated

All HCI staff involved in coronavirus cleaning activities are fully trained and certificated in infection control and to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) standards in Covid-19 cleaning and sanitisation.

The accompanying picture shows the first group of HCI staff with their certificates having completed intensive Covid-19 sanitisation and infection control training.


Coronavirus cleansing team with certificates

Cleaning supplies for guests

Having easy access to cleaning supplies at the property provides guests with extra peace of mind. For properties where HCI provides management or cleaning services, we can optionally provide recommended cleaning and sanitising products for use by guests which will be re-stocked as needed. This includes soaps, floor, kitchen, bathroom and WC cleaning products and materials such as disposable gloves, sponges, cloths and wipes.

Coronavirus ready and confident

Returning employees, visitors and guests will naturally feel hesitant and concerned about travelling and entering into the close confines of other properties again following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

Telling them about the additional precautions you are taking to protect their health using HCI’s professional coronavirus cleaning service and your COVID-19 cleaning compliance certificate is a sure way to instill confidence and build trust.

Fully trained

All cleaning staff are fully trained and certificated in infection control to provide a professional and trustworthy service

Legally registered

Our business is legally registered in Spain and employees fully contracted for your peace of mind and security

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“We found Hamill Care through a TiripAdvisor forum discussion when researching ‘Mallorca and accessibility’. We usually don’t dare venture abroad on holiday because of our 13 year old boy’s disability needs. After I received a prompt and promising reply to our queries, we decided to go for it. We were able to arrange for delivery of a medical bed to the villa we hired, delivery of special nutritional requirements (fed by machine) and one afternoon with a carer who came to look after our son and little daughter – allowing my husband and I to enjoy a 3 hour bike ride together to Cap Formentor. Having Hamill Care services and help has enabled us to have a magical holiday abroad for the first time as a family. Thank you Joanne, Kevin, Diane for your help and support, your professional and prompt services and we will definitely be back if we can…”

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Colette, Matt, Joseph and Sophie – UK