Carer Services

Carer services are another fundamental component of the HCI ethos, with the aim of promoting dignity and quality of life for each and every client through the provision of highly skilled and trained care staff totally committed to ensuring that clients experience optimum health and meaningful independence in their own home, or an enduring and memorable experience of their holiday.

For those on holiday, HCI provides both short and long-term carer services whilst away from home. This can include any number of different activities, including assistance with washing and dressing, help with mobility or domestic care, including meal preparation and child minding.

And using HCI for respite care allows single people, couples or family groups to enjoy a break, safe in the knowledge that reliable care and support systems are in place to assist them.
Whether in-home or in-resort, the most appropriate care package will be provided in conjunction with the existing Care Plan and any nursing requirements so that a schedule is developed that best suits individual needs.

The HCI carer and companionship services can include but are in no way limited to any of the following:

  • Personal hygiene assistance including bathing/showering
  • Preparation and serving of meals
  • Domestic duties
  • Shopping
  • Mobility (wheelchair/walker) assistance
  • Hospital escorting
  • Companionship
  • Interpreting and translation

Particularly in a holiday environment, it is understood that flexibility is needed and every effort will be made for clients to have as relaxing, satisfying and memorable stay free from the rigours and stresses which might accompany their normal daily routines at home.