About HCI

Hamill Care International (HCI) is a new company yet a company with a long history and an exemplary pedigree.

HCI is the culmination of over 30 years experience by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Hamill, providing front-line care in a wide range of environments… from the hospital wards of the UK National Health Service, to owning and operating care units in the United Kingdom and USA, to providing day-to-day nursing care and holiday care to residents and visitors on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The key focus of HCI is the organisation and provision of assisted holidays and ongoing longer term care for those who are either not totally able to look after themselves due to disability, infirmity or age, or who need more extensive care and support.

The HCI philosophy positions it as a single stop solution and care provider fully adaptive to the needs of each individual client and patient who has entrusted them with their wellbeing, whether for the provision of a single service, the duration of a vacation, or on a year-round basis.

The HCI team of nursing, care and support staff are all professionals dedicated to the provision of quality care in a friendly, relaxed and reassuring environment.

Independence & Disability Support

HCI have experience in working with an exceptionally wide variety of clients from all walks of life and possessing various disabilities:

  • mental disabilities
  • physical disabilities
  • challenging behaviour

Independence Aids

HCI can provide an extensive range of mobility aids and disability equipment to meet the most demanding requirements:

  • electric scooters / wheelchairs
  • walking aids
  • hoists
  • beds
  • bathroom facilities

Adapted Accommodation & Catering

Being experienced property managers, HCI has a large portfolio of accommodation specially selected, categorised and adapted to meet the requirements of disabled visitors. Whilst a hotel with disabled facilities might be the preference of some, others might choose to stay in more relaxing and private accommodation away from the crowds.

HCI will also accommodate other family members and personal carers who can be integrated into the care package which is always tailored to meet precise individual needs whilst imposing the minimum of constraints.

And when needed, HCI can provide a catering service with meals specially prepared on-site to meet individual dietary requirements.


Holidays are of course a time for doing just what you want, when you want, and HCI provide an extensive range of tourist activities, ranging from conventional sightseeing tours to a wide range of sporting activities fully adapted to client needs and abilities.

From sailing to golf, from hiking to 4×4 quad bikes, from kayaking to scuba diving… HCI will organise and co-ordinate holiday sporting programmes to suit all tastes.

Golden Horizon Holidays is the holiday planning and management arm of HCI.

The HCI Advantage

In addition to being a full service care provider, HCI offers its clients not just one, but several unique features ensuring that it stands out from the crowd in the provision of international care. Features such as…

  • Professional fully-qualified nursing staff
  • Round the clock care when needed, 7 days a week
  • Emergency contact number
  • Expertise in providing holiday care services
  • Exceptional local knowledge
  • A convenient pop-in shop
  • Nurse escorts to the UK

When it comes to international care, holidays for the disabled, an disabled tourism and sports, HCI represents the gold standard in professional trustworthy and compassionate care.